During the past five years LKQ Corporation has made tremendous investments in the state of Tennessee, and Nashville in particular.  LKQ currently employs 537 Tennesseans, including over 370 in Nashville.  The company is currently pursuing a new facility on Lucas Lane in Nashville as well as launching a new operation in Chattanooga.  The company already has eight facilities in operation all across the state.

After spending over $1 million purchasing a new facility called Grassmere, LKQ converted Nashville into a major hub for the company.  Hundreds of LKQ employees and their families were transferred to Nashville, which is now home to LKQ’s accounting, human resources, tax and IT departments.  Several hundred additional jobs have been created in Nashville since then, and the company is currently looking to expand its Grassmere location or move to purchase additional real estate to accommodate the company’s significant growth in Tennessee.

LKQ currently pays taxes on a Tennessee payroll of $25.2 million, but that number will grow when the next Nashville facility comes on line.  Residents living in the Shady Hills Community nearby are encouraged to apply for the new jobs that will be created at its proposed Lucas Lane location.

LKQ’s new facility in Nashville would operate during restricted hours, and would dramatically improve conditions at the location.  The on-site activities would prove far less intrusive on the lives of residents, who currently must endure around-the-clock traffic, dust and noise from the loading and unloading of heavy tractor trailers.

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