LKQ Corporation is bringing jobs, tax revenue and community enhancements to Tennessee. With more than 537 employees in Tennessee working at 8 locations throughout the state, LKQ is the largest nationwide provider of aftermarket, recycled and refurbished collision replacement parts.

Since 1998, LKQ has offered high-quality, safe replacements parts at 26-50% savings over original equipment manufacturers parts. LKQ proudly provides these affordable replacement parts to collision repairer businesses, mechanical service shops, automotive dealers and “do-it-yourself” consumers.

An inherently “green” company, LKQ operates a national network of recycling facilities where more than 500,000 damaged, wrecked or abandoned vehicles are recycled each year. LKQ Corporation works every day with customers, recyclers and auto manufacturers to find ways to reuse materials and reduce the environmental impact of creating new car parts.

During the past six years, LKQ has made enormous investments in Tennessee. Corporate headquarters for LKQ’s Accounting Department, Human Resources and IT Department were relocated to LKQ’s Grassmere location in Nashville.  Hundreds of LKQ employees have been transferred to Nashville, and the company has also created hundreds of additional jobs.

Today, LKQ is expanding its operations in Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. In June 2013, LKQ is planning to hold the ground breaking ceremony for its new LKQ Pick Your Part facility on Lucas Lane in Nashville. The new facility will generate dozens of high-quality jobs while benefiting residents living nearby by dramatically improving conditions on the site. In Chattanooga, LKQ will be investing a million dollars in improvements to the site of our new Keystone aftermarket warehouse and LKQ Pick Your Part Facility on Workman Road.